For a client to achieve therapeutic gains, the person should feel comfortable and satisfied with the therapist and methods. Treatments vary in their approach. Many therapist are trained to provide a variety of evidence-based methods for their clients.

Evidence-based practices are ones the have been tested and demonstrated to be effective. It does not mean that treatments are "cookie cutter," or that we try to mold the person to fit the model. It does mean that the techniques used are refined, reliable, and reasonable. Vitality Clinical Services provides individualized treatments focused on the following themes:



We teach clients to be more connected with and engaged with the present.

By learning to be more open and aware, we get a more enriching and fulfilling experience of living. It is the essence of Vitality.



Find a way forward

Vitality Clinical Services seeks to empower the individual to effect their own change.



In certain cases, mental and emotional distress can be debilitating.

In certain cases, mental and emotional distress can be debilitating. It can cause us to stop working, going to school, and isolate us from our friends and loved ones. We seek to prevent and reduce the harm that accompanies mental distress and work toward recovering from the impact of such events.



Find a way forward

Providing a little space between you and your pain can allow you to see things more clearly, and find a way forward. It is equally important to provide relief as well as to focus on what that relief allows you to do.


Vitality Clinical Services empowers our clients to live more completely. Contact us today at (630) 344-9427 or schedule an appointment.